QR F.I.T. Trail

The Department of Parks and Recreation invites you to visit the QR F.I.T. Trails at Tucker Road Athletic Complex and Watkins Regional Park for a workout that combines the outdoors and technology. The QR F.I.T. Trail can help improve your fitness through self-directed exercise outdoors.

Program Overview

Explore the trails and improve your fitness level using only your smartphone! QR F.I.T. combines fitness and technology to provide you with a new way to exercise while spending time outside. Along the trail, you will find QR F.I.T. signs that you can scan for exercises to do right on the spot. Depending on your goals for the day, you can choose between core, flexibility, upper body, and lower body exercises or choose to do a combination of all four! Scan all 5 signs along the trail to create your own personalized workout for the day.


Enjoy the benefits of physical activity and spending time outdoors using QR F.I.T., regardless of your fitness level and goals!

  • Reduce stress by spending time outdoors
  • Increase muscle strength and bone density with upper and lower body exercises
  • Improve stamina and longevity with core and flexibility training
  • Learn new exercises and create your own workout


How to Use QR F.I.T. Trail

  1. Go to the app store on your smartphone and download a FREE QR Code reader app.
  2. Using your smartphone, scan the QR F.I.T. code that is on the trail’s welcome sign.
  3. Walk or run to the next sign on the trail to begin your workout.
  4. Using your smartphone, scan the QR F.I.T. code that corresponds with the workout that you would like.
  5. Select the fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
  6. Follow the QR F.I.T. trainer!
A close up of QR FIT signage on trail